Bali, 2015

Hello lovelies!

Join me on a little trip down memory lane to my adventures in Bali, Indonesia! I also did a more detailed post on this trip, you can read it HERE.

I spent 2 weeks there retreating on my own in a couple different regions: Canggu, and Ubud. I had the pleasure of staying at an incredible women’s only retreat called Bliss Sanctuary!  I spent that weeK doing yoga and meditation every day, sampling delicious Indonesian Cuisine, and utilizing their private drivers to get around and see other cities nearby. I got to visit an elephant sanctuary, where all the elephants have been rescues from Thailand or other nearby South Asian countries. I saw some the local artisans, including a silver shop where i treated myself to a special ring to commemorate my trip, and support the local artists. I met woman from all over the world who were retreating for all different reason, all of us seeking time to get back in touch with our spiritual selves. I had plenttyyyy of massages done and spa treatments, as they are OH SO LOVELY AND AFFORDABLE in Asia! and I also had plenty of wonderful energy healing work done.
In my second week, I stayed at a lovely little B&B-meets-motel type place in Ubud called the Ubud View Bungalows.  I can’t recommend this place enough, what really made it for me were the people that worked there. Ever so friendly and helpful, always. I toured the rice paddies, explored the famous monkey forest, wandered through the giant market and ate my fill of satay and crispy duck. Also checked out my favorite yoga studio I think I’ve ever been to… Yoga Barn!!! If you are ever in Ubud, you MUST check it out.

On top of all the exploring, eating, adventures and meeting of people that I had, the cherry on top was the stillness I was able to achieve inside. I enhanced my yoga/meditative practices, and got back in touch with my goals and needs for that time in my life. It was perfect, and my only regret is not staying longer. Until next time, Bali!!! xox

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Sacred Tanah Lot Temple

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Rice Paddies!

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The pool area at Ubud View 🙂

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Lunch with a View at one of my favorite Ubud Cafes.

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Monkey forest was a dream come true.

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Yoga studio in Canggu, which I unfortunately cannot remember the name of. But it was outdoors, and absolutely stunning.

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Yoga Barn, Ubud!


My suite at the women’s retreat! So beautiful, so peaceful, so blissful.


Pool area at Bliss Sanctuary 🙂


Having the best day ever at the Elephant Sanctuary


One of my new friends and I got fish pedicures! eeek!


Delicious cocktails.


A piece of paradise with new friends.




Intricate temples everywhere.


Traffic for days, always..


Monkey forest wasn’t ONLY paradise because of the monkeys!


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