Travels & Adventures


Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to my Solo Travels Page! (Aka wanderlust page! yes that is my tattooed leg!)

Ever since I was 5 years old, I was truly blessed to be able to travel lots with my family, specifically to holiday destinations! I have been to Hawaii, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Barbados, and many places through North America such as L.A, Palm Springs, Arizona, Portland and places alike. Not to mention going all across my own beautiful country of Canada! I have been fortunate in my life in many ways, and travel has been one of them.

However, as I am entering a new chapter of my life, I am now embarking on my OWN travels to places all around the world, where I intend to extend of my journey of wellness and personal growth to that of one of culture and exploration as well! There is so much one can learn on a solo adventure- not just about the world of course, but about oneself too. Join me on my journeys- each one a part of me, and each one a total adventure! Stay tuned for this list to grow exponentially!!

My Solo Adventures:

-Bali, Indonesia (2015)

-Europe (2013)


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