Creative Coping

Hello Beautiful! Welcome to Creative Coping. This is my page where I share posts on coping methods and lifestyle changes for the more ‘artistic’ indivdual, such as myself. Through my journey, I’ve found that reasoning, counselling, journalling, medication..all the usual things are good (and in most cases necessary), but as an artistic personality there are so many other ways and small changes you can make to feel more fulfilled, and release some of that energy. Have a read, feel inspired!

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My 3 Current Favorite Self-Care Routines

10 Ways to Detox Your Entire Life

How to: Create, Envision and Utilize a ‘Happy Place’

-10 Things We Should Say More Often in 2015

20 Ways to be Alone

-A New Year, A New Mind

-15 Ways to Make Time for Peace in Today’s Busy Lifestyle 

My Experience|| Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Series 

-Gratitude/Compassion Meditation & our Brains on Meditation

-Creating a Zen Zone Pt. 2 – Creative Organization

-Relaxing Fall Playlist 

-Mindfulness Meditation 

Vision Boards and Gut Feelings 

The Essentials of Essential Oils Pt.1

-Creating a Zen Zone – Your Space Matters 


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