Life Resume


Name: Nicolle Dupas

Age: 24

Currently Living: New Westminster, BC

Appearance: blonde, blue eyed, queer femme // modern day hippy with an assortment of tattoos and crystals.

Strengths: Self awareness, creativity, unconditional love, great listener, organized, quick to learn, great sense of humour, wanderlust

Weakness: Battling against depression and anxiety, circa 2005

Healing Methods of Choice: Daily meditation, Weekly yoga, a hot cup of lemon water every morning, netflix faves, girlfriend cuddles and doctor prescribed Cipralex.


Writing music, singing, playing piano, making crafts, meditation, yoga/pilates, traveling, makeup artistry, animals, blogging, movies, a good book, drinking tea, going to concerts, red wine, French cinema and fashion, journalling, organization, making people laugh, eating good food, relaxing by the ocean, meeting new people, good times with friends and family


-New Image College of Fine Arts (Professional Film and Fashion Makeup Diploma)

-Selkirk College (Contemporary Music Program)


View my ‘solo travel page’ HERE for details!

Inspired By:

Art, strong women, wise men, beautiful scenery, meditation and self reflection, good music, live music, food so good that you momentarily understand the meaning of life, an assortment of musicians, kind eyes, courage, true love, people achieving their goals

Why I started Spirit Sister:

Because as a young woman who has struggled through the trials and tribulations of mental illness for much of my short life, I have learned a lot. Both about myself, others, and all that it takes in life to truly be happy with oneself. I still have a long journey ahead of me, but I have come to realize that in being open about my own journey, I can help others as well as myself! Read more about this in my ABOUT section.

Thank you for joining me, and enjoy your stay!

-Spirit Sister-Nicolle




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