Your List of ‘Daily Gratitude’- An Enlightening Exercise


Hello lovelies!

How are you feeling?? I hope the first couple of weeks of 2017 have left you feeling grateful for the wonderful things and people (and pets!) in your life.

Let’s be honest- it hasn’t been the EASIEST couple of weeks. Not between the inauguration (and I’m from Canada!), new years resolutions maybe not going the way you’ve planned so far, the cold, dark winter days suppressing your vibrant light and making you retire early every night.


me right now

Given these circumstances, I figured that something we could think about this week would be the things that DO give us that light. The things and people we are most grateful for, and the the things and people that make this life worth fighting for every day, even at the most terrifying, hopeless, dark moments.

I took a bit of time on a day i wasn’t feeling particularly chipper about the planet, and did this. If this is not your first time dropping in to my blog, then you know I am an avid practitioner and advocate of mindfulness, meditation and self care. Well, in these practices of mine that particular day as I tried to re-balance my mind, my heart and my energy, i thought i would also re-focus my energy on to things that made me feel gratitude.


I’ve done the gratitude journal thing before (journalling small notes every day about things you are grateful for in your life), and I enjoyed it and the result. But I realized sometimes, that was hard to keep up with and ultimately, fairly easy to quit doing altogether during the busy days. There have been a handful of studies that show that a regular practice of gratitude, just like a regular practice of meditation, has exceptional benefits for the brain/body functions, greatly improves our mental health in the long term and helps us find the connection  and self love that we all seek for in our daily lives. So it’s definitely worth it to reflect on gratitude often. But the hard part is finding the way that fits your lifestyle best!

I decided to make a list of an average day in my life, on a work day, and write out a list of all the things i would typically be grateful for in that day. It could be anything! Thoughts and feelings, people, things, actions, opportunities. And you know what happened? By the time i was done i had written quite a bit more than i initially expected! And it wasn’t even a list of all the big things that have happened in my life, just general things that come up in an average day. This emphasized to me just how lucky i am, and how many wonderful moments i can create for myself everyday. It felt really good. shutterstock_307015133

I’ve decided to share my list with you, in hopes that it might inspire you to try it too! I guarantee, your list of daily gratitude will be longer than you initially anticipated too. 🙂

*keep in mind, i don’t do ALL of the things listed here every single day, i mix it up during the week! just compiled an overall list of what an average day could look like for me 🙂 *


-Waking up to Megan in our cozy bed, in our home.

-Snoozing my alarm for an extra 15 minutes.

-Turning on the kettle.

-Doing a meditative body scan in my cozy robe to start the day.

-Having time to do even 5-10 minutes of yoga stretches in the morning.

-Doing my morning skincare regime.

-Feeding my fish and talking to him like he’s a dog.

-MY DOGS! Even though I don’t get to see them too often.

-Finding the perfect outfit that makes me feel confident.

-Having an extra moment on the bus commute to close my eyes, or let my mind go quiet. Observing the morning commuters and the streets come alive.

-Having (or ‘making’) an extra 5 minutes on my commute to visit Megan at work and get a coffee from her.

-Fresh. AIR.

-Making breakfast at work, and having pleasant convos/catching up with coworkers in the kitchen.

-Our morning meeting that everybody joins; sharing success stories, important information, previous day sales, and exciting updates.

-Working for an ethical, philanthropic, innovative company with positive vibes and incredible products.

-Making a really good sale, providing excellent customer service, or excelling at my job.

-Helping someone else excel at THEIR job

-Making someone laugh or feel recognized.

-Chatting with my friends in the different departments to break up the day.

-Having really yummy leftovers for lunch, and taking a bit of time to read my book.

-Finishing the work day, and knowing I’m on my way home to either relax, see Megan, see a friend/family member, or do something that makes me feel inspired.

-Cooking dinner with Megan, and having endless laughs while we do. Or if we’re lazy, ordering Indian take out and binge watching one of our shows together.

-Having a hot shower or bubble bath.

-Doing DIY facials at home with all my favorite products… and slathering on my favorite delicious smelling body lotions!

-Turning on the kettle, again. Peppermint tea.

-Playing music, writing, making diy projects- any sort of creative expression.

-Turmeric, cause i put that sh*t in everything.

-Music in general- all my favorite artists who have influenced me deeply, and all my favorite Spotify playlists!!!

-Making plans with my family- knowing how loved and supported by them I am, and how much I can return that with ease.

-Making plans with friends- knowing how loved and supported by THEM I am, and how much I can return that with ease.

-Writing lists of things I want to do and see, places I want to go. Keeping my day planner up to date. Planning goals.

-Crossing OFF goals.

-Going to a yoga class, or doing my own practice in the comfort of my home. The feeling of spreading the yoga mat, and stretching and reviving my tired body.

-Having the ability for the first time in a while to actually save money towards the many adventures I have in mind.

-Not wanting to off myself. (Disclaimer: not saying that as a joke, we don’t joke about mental health here, which I hope you know by now!)

-Being gay (but having a straight enough presentation that I have the ‘privileges’ of a straight, white woman. I am grateful to be a voice for the lgbtq+ community for different demographics of people who might not otherwise notice what being gay can look like or mean- especially from visible minorities. I don’t mean this to sound harsh or prejudice as I am neither of those things, it is simply a reality.)

-Essentially, I am grateful for my voice.

-Intimacy and vulnerability, in their many forms.

-Having full mobility of all my extremities, and having more or less ‘good’ health.

-Mental illness, for the lessons it has taught me.

-This blog, for all of the healing is has given and will always give me.

-YOU for reading said blog!!!!!

-Meditating before bed, or having the ability to go to a meditation group/class.

-Cuddling up to the love of my life and falling asleep.


And there you have it lovelies! That is my ‘average day list of gratitude’. I am going to make these occasionally here and there, and read over previous ones to remind myself of the wonderful moments, things, and people i have around me. I suggest you do the same. Even an average day in your life is probably more incredible than you think!

Thanks for stopping by, and have fun with your list! 🙂

Have an inspired day!

-Spirit Sister, Nicolle



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