3 DIY Treatments for Winter Self Care!

Hello Lovelies!
How are you feeling today? I hope you are feeling ready for a relaxing day of self care!
One of the things I have had to remind myself over the last little while, is that making a conscious effort to find moments for self care is one of the most important things we can do. For mental health, our physical and emotional well-being…for all of it! I know in this day and age, many people think the idea of self care is ‘selfish’. It’s taking away from time they could be spending being ‘productive’, be it in work, studies, socializing, etc. To be honest, I wholeheartedly believe and KNOW that the opposite is true. 
If you had a moment to read one of my last posts on my Favorite Self Care Routines, then you know exactly why I believe this!

In short, as the old adage goes: How can you drink from an empty cup? 


How can you do your best at work or school, how can you be your most present with your loved ones, if you can’t even respect the idea of taking time to take care of yourself? Other people can only do so much for us in regards to our care. At the end of the day, WE are responsible. So self care is not selfish, in my opinion, it is 100% necessary! It allows us to relax, to get in touch with ourselves and our needs and desires, and replenish our souls. It’s like a reboot for our minds, bodies and hearts. And in this busy time of our lives, there are few things more important. 
As a past makeup artist, and someone who has previously and is currently working in the natural skin care industry, one of my favorite self care routines is OF COURSE having diy spa days!! 
This inspired me to do a post today, because it got me thinking of some ways that everyone can do something for their self care routines, that also gets your creative juices flowing, is natural and healthy for the body, and is cheap; as most of the ingredients are ones that you either have at home, or can find at reasonable costs in bulk, and will last you a long time.
However, I didn’t want to do just ANY DIY’s – we are moving into the colder season in the year now, and that seasonal change affects skin in many ways. Some people may find they have more breakouts as a result, or dry patches and chapped lips, or maybe just all over tightness and dehydration. Perhaps lack of plumpness/firmness.

The below diy’s are quick, easy and customizable for the whole body to suit your current winter body needs!!

-Vegetable based carrier oil (coconut, olive, jojoba, almond, etc.)
-Raw sugar 
-Lemon juice
Total Time: About 5 minutes!
Process: Combine the above ingredients in a small container with a lid, so you can save and reuse. Apply liberally to clean, dry lips and scrub lightly for a minute or two, or until most of sugar feels dissolved. You can rinse or wipe off the excess, or if you used a food grade vegetable oil such as coconut, you can lick it off too!
Benefits: The citrus enzymes from the lemon are natural exfoliants, much like a ‘peel’, dissolving dead skin and revealing bright, fresh new skin underneath. This in combination with the physical exfoliation and emollient action of the sugar will leave for the smoothest lips, while the hydrating natural oil(s) of your choice re-hydrate the new skin underneath! Follow up with your favorite lip balm.
-Mashed Avocado
-Vitamin E 
-Squeeze of lemon
-Carrier oil (olive, jojoba, etc.) for those who need extra hydration
-Pinch of turmeric and/or cinnamon for acne/inflammation
-Raw Honey for soothing/antibacterial properties

Total time (prep and use):  Approx. 30 mins.

Process: Combine the 3 base ingredients, and then throw in any add-ons that will benefit your specific skin needs. Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes, and indulge in some much needed relaxation during this time! Rinse off with warm water, pat to dry and then follow up with your toner/serum/moisturizer of choice.
Benefits:  Avocado is rich in omega fatty acids for deep hydration and balancing of the skin. Lemons, as stated in the lip scrub above are natural enzyme exfoliants, and also help to brighten the skin and lighten dark spots/purify blemishes. Vitamin E is antibacterial, protective, and restorative for damaged skin/scarring. The add-ons as noted above have their own benefits that are all best for specific kinds of skin types. What extra boost does your skin need this season??

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

-coconut oil
-cocoa butter
-carrier oil of choice (olive, jojoba, almond, etc.)
-essential oils if desired (for added benefit boost/fragrance)
Total Time: Approx. 30-40 mins.
Process/Benefits: CLICK HERE for the full spiel on my favorite body butter recipe 🙂
So there you go lovelies!! I hope this inspires you to have some playful, creative and relaxing self care today. Or maybe also inspires some home made holiday gifts!!
Either way, remember to take care of yourselves this week. No one else is going to do it for you. Whether you take this time to do some DIY winter spa treatments, or you do some exercise, or work on a passion, or take a nap- MAKE TIME. It’s worth it, there is nothing more important. 
Have an inspired day!
-Spirit Sister, Nicolle-

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